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Welcome, friend.

I’m Nick Conti. I love feel good music with funky bass lines and too much percussion. I love exploring the outdoors, and quietly starring into a nice fire. Really, I’m just a proud father and husband constantly trying to be mindful of what great adventures each day brings.

I use this space to connect with others and share a fresh perspective on storytelling with photographs, videos and websites I’ve created.

My Approach

In the past 10 years I've been fortunate enough to team up and work alongside some very talented individuals. Each experience led to the next because of my determination and passion for working alongside creatives. There is nothing more rewarding than making a living while doing what you love, and learning from the best.

My approach is simple... I set goals to learn from the best in my field and apply what I learn each and every day. I open my ears and listen to clients and do everything in my power to visually communicate their message. With an open mind, eyes, and ears I see endless possibilities when it comes to being creative with a camera.

Imagebox 2017

Joe Namath Commercial Directed by George Lois | NYC

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